I. Company Profile/About Us Powered by Sungrow (300274), SunPure Technology Co., Ltd., is an innovative company focusing on intelligent PV cleaning robots and integrated intelligent cleaning solutions for PV power plants. Relying on the Sungrow smart energy management platform and the PV power plant inspection platform, the Company integrates intelligent four-wheel drive technology, posture recognition and control technology, location identification technology, and Internet of Things technology, adheres to the philosophy of “Intelligent, Efficient, and Friendly”, and consistently focuses on customer success, providing customers with reliable and professional products and services. With the well-established global service system of Sungrow Power as the support, the Company is committed to building comprehensive and multi-level customer service capabilities, and strives to be the top runner in intelligent cleaning technology.

Thanks to the 20+ years of R&D experience and talent fostering of Sungrow Power, SunPure Technology has established a highly competent R&D team.