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1. Responsible for embedded product software design and system application development, and set up development and debugging environment;

2. Responsible for transforming requirements into detailed design, and independently designing and completing software code development according to requirements;

3. Responsible for designing software test cases, ensuring code quality through unit testing, integration testing and system testing;

4. Responsible for writing design documents, related protocols and test documents for software development;

5. Participate in the overall test of the product.


1, bachelor degree or above, major in computer science, information technology or automation related major;

2. Proficient in C/C++ programming language and Windows or Linux development environment, rich experience in design and development of embedded related project products;

3. Have a certain understanding of ARM and general interface drivers, such as SPI, I2C and UART;

4. Have a certain understanding of the Internet of things system architecture, proficient in modbus, TCP/IP and other communication protocols, and have relevant development experience;

5. Proficient in PID control mode of dc motor;

6. Good programming skills, communication skills and document delivery skills;

7. Strong sense of responsibility, learning ability and teamwork spirit.

1. Responsible for hardware design of product embedded control system;

2. Responsible for the schematic diagram and PCB design of embedded control system hardware;

3. Responsible for determining the specification and selection of hardware circuit devices;

4. Responsible for internal testing of embedded control system;

5. Responsible for the output of relevant r&d process documents and test plans;


1. Bachelor degree or above, major in electronics, computer or automation, more than 3 years embedded development experience;

2. Proficient in digital circuit and analog circuit, able to independently complete the planning, design and development of hardware circuit;

3. Familiar with hardware related design software, such as protel, AD, etc.;

4. Proficient in embedded MCU such as ARM and its peripheral interface circuit and driver, familiar with the underlying interface protocol;

5. Proficient in dc motor drive, with certain understanding of the Internet of things system architecture, sensors and communication interface;

6. Strong sense of responsibility and teamwork.

Job responsibilities:

1. Conducted market research, collected product technical information and industry technology development trend;

2. Independently led the structural design (simulation calculation) of new product development, and conducted cost accounting;

3. Supplier inspection, material selection and new material introduction during product r&d;

4. Evaluate, verify and optimize the design scheme;

5. Communicated the preliminary plan of the project and provided on-site construction guidance, collected on-site feedback and continuously optimized the design plan;

6. Introduction and application of new technologies, new processes and new materials.


1. Bachelor degree or above in mechanical, architectural, civil engineering;

2. Proficient in Solidworks, ProE, AutoCAD and other structural design software, preferably ANSYS, SAP2000 and other simulation software;

3. Familiar with relevant technical standards, construction and acceptance specifications of automation products;

4. Capable of overall planning and design, familiar with r&d management process, skilled in demand analysis, and able to identify risks in the design process;

5. Familiar with various structural realization methods, able to innovate design and output high-quality structural schemes and drawings;

6. More than 3 years working experience in structure design, mechanical transmission structure design is preferred.

Job responsibilities:

1. Participated in the company's project bidding, site reconnaissance, preparation of bidding documents, answering questions and responding to bid;

2. Responsible for writing system solutions for customers;Communicate with customers and communicate with them;

3. Plan, organize, communicate and coordinate the project implementation process;Prepare technical documents according to project requirements;

4. Collect the latest technology trends of the industry, understand the application information of various competitive products, and provide auxiliary data for new product project approval through calculation and simulation;


1. Bachelor degree or above in automation control;

2. Master the basic knowledge of photovoltaic power station, photovoltaic array, transformer, power transmission and photovoltaic power station system, and have a certain understanding of the photovoltaic industry;

3. Understand relevant product standards of automatic control industry;

4. Familiar with domestic bidding process, bidding document preparation, technical response and bidding matters;

5. Have the ability to optimize the design and construction plan and solve the site problems.

6. Proficient in office and other office software, with good written summary ability;

7. Good communication skills and understanding of product requirements.

Job responsibilities:

1. Responsible for the after-sales service and maintenance of the products, able to independently handle and solve the problems of the products;

2. Collected customer requirements, handled customer coordination, and provided after-sales technical support;

3. Responsible for training customers on the use of various products of the company;

4. Collect customer opinions and deal with problems raised by customers;

5. Solve product-related problems on site;

6. Coordinate with customers;

7. Request to handle and solve tasks assigned by the company independently.


1. Bachelor degree or above in electrical engineering and automation or mechanical and electrical engineering;

2. Good service awareness, ready to help others and basic etiquette knowledge;

3. Have more than 2 years' working experience in motor vehicle driving, and hold C1 or above driving license;

4. Proficient in using CAD office software;

5. Can adapt to long-term business trips;

6. Strong self-study ability, communication and cooperation ability and independent working ability;

7. Working experience in photovoltaic industry is preferred.

Job responsibilities:

1. Responsible for test demand analysis and test plan formulation of automation equipment;

2. Responsible for building the test environment;

3. Responsible for completing system test, output test report, problem tracking, etc.;

4. Responsible for making Suggestions for product improvement according to test results;

5. Test experience summary and process optimization.


1, automation related major, bachelor degree or above;

2. More than 2 years of experience in testing of automatic control related products;

3. Understand relevant industry product standards;

4. Knowledge of machinery, control and software;

5. Proficient in using relevant test tools, such as multimeter, oscilloscope, signal source, etc.;

6. Proficient in office and other office software, with good written summary ability;

7. Good communication skills and understanding of product requirements.

Job responsibilities:

1. Responsible for the collection and search of customer information, the establishment of customer archives, the development and development of customers in overseas markets;

2. Responsible for business development, relationship building and maintenance, completing the work related to product scheme selection and bidding, and providing relevant regional customer development plans and strategies;

3. Responsible for the signing, performance and management of sales contracts, as well as the coordination and handling of various market problems;

4. Collect information of competitors' products and sales markets in the region, and form written reports to provide decision-making basis for the decision-makers of relevant departments in a timely manner.                                             


1. Bachelor degree or above, 2 years or above sales experience, electric power industry, new energy industry background, preferred;

2. Good marketing knowledge, good market planning and strategic planning and analysis skills;

3. Strong market sensitivity and market development ability;

4. Good communication, teamwork and interpersonal skills, and strong executive ability;

5. Good command of English, able to communicate in English;Good computer skills, familiar with Word,Excel and other office software;

6. Able to work under strong pressure.